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Locative Waves

Locative Waves room

Locative Waves is an ambient sound installation that incorporates metadata specific to its location. The project uses variations in a live GPS signal to modulate audio wave forms. Through the sonification of blurry coordinates, Locative Waves considers modes of knowing used to place oneself and ways of practicing presence.

Locative Waves speakers Locative Waves panels

Locative Planes

Locative Planes is a GPS-based video sculpture for site-specific installation. A live video image from the environment is abstracted and mapped to parallel rectangular planes. These are rotated three-dimensionally by real-time variations in location data pertaining to the site—displayed as latitude and longitude coordinates. As the GPS signal fluctuates, the planes spin around an axis of indeterminacy to approximate a Cartesian orientation with an accuracy limited to three meters. The project addresses capabilities and limitations of navigation technologies, individual notions of place, and modes of knowing employed in an effort to locate oneself physically and ontologically.

Pine Planes Trees Pine Planes Camera Pine Planes Setup

Light, Sound, Text

Light, Sound, Text Installation

On May 24, 1844, Samuel Morse transmitted four words from Washington to Baltimore: “What hath God wrought,” transforming the relationship of communication to presence. The selection of Numbers 23:23 points to a spiritually charged cultural response to telegraphy and the channels it opened. I’m interested in layering upon this history a formal inquiry into the semiotics of mysticism—exploring the process of language encoding in architectural space. Light, Sound, Text: Semiotics of a Technological Sublime is a research-based, site-specific installation that explores language encoding and mysticism through the early history of telecommunications. The project incorporates neon light and printed matter in a sonic installation of Morse code as both text and sensory experience.

Light, Sound, Text Morse Code Light, Sound, Text Poster Light, Sound, Text Neon Light, Sound, Text Spectrum