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Axial Series

Axial Series 2 Screen Shot

The Axial Series consists of Web-based drawings that are centrally-oriented and rendered in relation to the earth’s orbital rotation. Each iteration follows a chromatic impulse that simultaneously derives from landscape imagery, digital artifacts, and the unconscious. The durational experience of viewing each axial drawing invites consideration of time, earth, media, and their intrinsic reciprocity. To navigate through the series, please visit this page.

Axial Series 3 Screen Shot

Fukushima Sequence

Fukushima Sequence Screen Shot 1

Fukushima Sequence is a Web-based meditation on ephemerality and flux. It translates the chronological experience of arriving at a train station in Fukushima, Japan into a grid of images that appear and disappear as the cursor hovers across them. The scene is therefore constantly changing and can only be viewed in part. To access the work, please visit this page.

Fukushima Sequence Screen Shot 2 Fukushima Sequence Screen Shot 3 Fukushima Sequence Screen Shot 4

Compression State for Platonic Solids

Icosahedron Still Image

Compression State for Platonic Solids is concerned with classical form and the artifacts of communication technology. Five regular polyhedra—tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron—have been rendered in three-dimensional animation sequences. The compression state used to export each file produces an electronic iridescence unique to the algorithm and the image upon which it is executed. The essence of communication technology involves compression and the aesthetics of this process are evincing. To view the work, please visit this page.