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Codex Diaphanous

Codex Diaphanous right view

With the premise that images are a primary way in which we know the world, Codex Diaphanous considers the multiple layers that comprise digital images. These layers include perceptual, computational, associative, and metalinguistic forms of information gathered with each photographic gesture. Much like a palimpsest, the underlying inscription of digital images not only augments but offers alternate readings of predominant layers. Codex Diaphanous draws from each of these as material for the image-making process.

Codex Diaphanous side view Codex Diaphanous close-up Codex Diaphanous direct view Codex Diaphanous left view

Prism Series

Prism Series 1

This project began as a daily form of image gathering in the Hudson Valley of New York State. During a twenty-seven-day residency, I made photographs through a glass prism as a means of exploring the natural landscape with the grid of triangular form. Each day, I went out and found new textures to focus on and selected one image that represented the most interesting of that day’s findings. The series was published on the Web and also collated into a hand-made book. The Prism Series helped facilitate the discovery of unfamiliar terrain and the process was documented with a recurring formal motif.

Prism Series 16 Prism Series 22 Prism Series Book