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Circumstantial Decision-Making

Wind Directions Diagram

Circumstantial Decision-Making is a computer program written in Python for generating new poems based on the current direction of the wind. Generative poetry is concerned not only with processing text, but with selecting source texts to process. For this project, I introduce elements of circumstance into that curatorial activity—specifically, currents of air. The program accesses a regularly updated database of weather variables from the NOAA to determine which of nine texts to process. If the wind is blowing north, it will select the text assigned to the top row, middle column. If the wind is blowing southeast, it will select the text assigned to the bottom row, right column and so on. The ninth text corresponds to “variable” wind conditions.

Interface for Translated Text

Interface 1

Interface for Translated Text is a form of display for remixed poetics. Taking cues from the Ouvroir de Littérature Potentielle (Oulipo), the project uses traditional and computational methods of text processing to create new linguistic arrangements. These text fragments scroll across a 32 character LCD screen—mounted to laser-cut acrylic glass—as potential literature for the viewer. The act of translation is performed in the decontextualization of original texts and their presentation through another window.

Interface 2 Interface 4 Interface 3

Keystroke Semiotics

Keystroke Semiotics Cover

Keystroke Semiotics examines the process of electronic text composition by making visible all of the keystrokes that go into writing and interfacing with a laptop computer. By mapping the input pertaining to deletion, cursor movement, copying and pasting, etc. to representative symbols, a revealing chronology is constructed. The resulting book materializes all my keyboard activity over the course of ten days.

Keystroke Semiotics Spread 1 Keystroke Semiotics on Desk Keystroke Semiotics Spread 2