Codex Lucida

Codex Lucida 1.1 screen shot

Codex Lucida is concerned with vision and spatiotemporal metadata. The series consists of multilayered scenes and a dynamic grid interface.

Codex Lucida 1.2 screen shot

Elements of photography, locative text, and interactive perspective combine to form a dialectic of the present moment. Visit this page to access the work.

Codex Lucida 1.3 screen shot


Polychromatics 6.1 screen shot

Polychromatics consists of procedurally-generated images in which a photograph is rendered with discrete vector shapes. Image elements are layered and composited to produce a fluid interaction of color.

Polychromatics 3.3 screen shot

Subtle variation occurs each time the work is accessed. Visit this page to navigate the Polychromatics series.

polychromatics 5.3 screen shot

カメラ (RGB Triptych)

RGB Triptych No. 1

カメラ (RGB Triptych) contemplates the evanescence of unitive perception. An image of a neon “camera” sign is integrated, fragmented, and reintegrated as its red, green, and blue channels phase in and out of alignment.

RGB Triptych No. 2

The image processing algorithm generates a continuous looping sequence along with a horizontal flow that translates across each frame. Three chromatic variations comprise the triptych; visit this page to access the work.

RGB Triptych No. 3

Fukushima Sequence

Fukushima Sequence screen shot

Fukushima Sequence is a web-based meditation on ephemerality and flux. It translates the chronological experience of arriving at a train station in Fukushima, Japan into a grid of images that appear and disappear as the cursor moves across them.

Fukushima Sequence screen shot

The scene is constantly changing and can only be viewed in part. Visit this page to access the work.

Fukushima Sequence screen shot